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Before ANYTHING! I do want to make sure that you know that this wiki is still under construction. If you would like to help build this wiki, and get it ready for launching, please message me! (Username: Hotshot14380)

Welcome to The Fallen Wiki! Your probably wondering, what the heck is this? Well, The Fallen are a gigantic group of teenage to early adult people that have super unnatural powers, and want to put them to good use. Now here is the story: At the beginning of it all, there were only the main 8. Hotshot the leader, ShadowThorn the second in command, Grimborg the technician, Timelapse the warrior, Boulder Bash the muscle, Serge the healer, Frost Flame the damage, and Molecule the private. Now a days we lower class heroes refer to them as the Big Ten (2 come in later). These guys were only teenagers, all with there unique histories and abilites. Together, they stopped crime around Thero city, and recruited new members over time. Later on, 2 more main characters came into play, Ruby the lover, and Taliana the cursed. There are also 58 other minor characters, however they are still to be looked up to as great heroes, because every single one fought in the battle of the Titans. This was the final showdown between the M.P.E.T and the Heroes. The M.P.E.T is an undercover organization of evil people who want to rid the world of supernatural characters. This is where you come into play. After the great war only the Big Ten came out alive, in victory, and in vain. They needed a new team, a new force that could combat against the cruel and harsh M.P.E.T. You can become a fighter against them, and help save the world.

Also, all characters belong to me, Hotshot14380, and a friend, who currently doesn't have a fandom account. This does mean, whenever you'd like, you can ask to roleplay with one!

What can you do?

Here on The Fallen Role play wiki, you can create your own super natural character that you can use to RP with other heroes, go on missions, and train with your mentor! This wiki provides information on all the old Fallen members, the Big Ten, and hopefully, yours too!

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